News: XOOPS Receives Award in Brazil

Posted by: MambaOn 2008/3/31 22:40:00 7699 reads
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Not many people know that in December 2007 XOOPS received the 2007 INFO Award in the CMS category.

Congratulations to all XOOPS developers in Brazil!!!!

SÃO PAULO - In the area of corporate software, three products are highlighted in the INFO 2007 Awards: Netweaver by SAP; Delphi for PHP by Borland, and XOOPS by the XOOPS [community].
An application for business intelligence and application server, Netweaver won 46% of the votes of readers of the INFO Business Intelligence category. According to Gartner, SAP, the developer of Netweaver, is a world leader in CRM (25.7% of the market), ERP (27% of the market) and in supply chain, with 19.7% of the market.

The integrated development environment for PHP Delphi by Borland, is another product winner. With 53% of the readers voting for it in the Development category. The software is the combination of two names that strong existed in the market. It combines the working methods of Delphi, one of tools favorite of programmers, with PHP, the leading language for developing dynamic websites.

Delphi for PHP provides for the creation of applications for the web with features and functions similar to what it does on the desktop. Jose Rubens Tocci, president of Borland for Latin America, states when Delphi for PHP was launched this year it won instant success in Brasil and its acceptance surprised even the team's local subsidiary.

Among the dozens of CMS (content management systems) available on the market, one of the highlights is the XOOPS, an open source program produced by the XOOPS [community]. The readers of INFO recognized this, devoting 37% of the votes to the product in the CMS category.
According to Gilberto Galdino of XOOPS Brasil, one of the groups of developing the tool in Brazil, the XOOPS community in Brasil is the second largest world (behind only the French) and has made major contribution in product development.