YAXS: BornSlacker.com is now SlackerGamingNetwork.com

Posted by: tvepsorgon 2008/3/21 6:50:00 7163 reads
Nearly four years ago I downloaded Xoops for the first time and immediately fell in love with this CMS. It's easy to setup, easy to use, and very versatile.

Almost two years ago I posted this article showing how the CMS could be used to create and manage an online gaming team.

Here's an old screenshot from way back when we only had 3 gamers on Team Slacker...

Resized Image

Now we're 100 gamers strong and have moved from BornSlacker.com to SGN (Slacker Gaming Network) we're partnered with several other gaming sites including the multipayernetwork.com.

We're happy to call this new site our home and even happier with how xoops has worked for us over the years.

Thanks to all the developers and the Xoops community!!! And if you happen to be a gamer stop by and say what's up, maybe hop in game for a few rounds. (COD4 is our flavor of the month )

Here's a current screenshot...

Resized Image