YAXS: BornSlacker Revamped!!!

Posted by: tvepsorgon 2006/5/12 0:30:00 6171 reads
Good day to you all.

Our website BornSlacker.com has been revamped with a few new features. We've completely redone the theme, which includes a new flash jpg switcher (thanks to www.jeroenwijering.com) as well as added a whole bunch of new movies and news stories. We're currently trying to track E3 stories, so if you have anything please add it to our E3 forum.

We'd like to thank the maker of the "Team" module for making a really great module for which to manage a our team as well as many other modules.

And let's not forget the kick *** cms xoops for which we used to make this site. Xoops makes it easy to make a clean yet fun gaming website.

FYI - The site contains adult graphics and content. If you can't view that stuff where you are, here's a censored screenshot.

Resized Image