YAXS: Extraterrestrial Embassy Uses Xoops

Posted by: wishcrafton 2008/2/7 23:30:38 5550 reads

Resized ImageWelcome to the Extraterrestrial Embassy, we represent the rights of biological life forms from unknown & known origins and from social and governments outside the spatial bodies from the planet earth. As in definition of biological life form this is in reference to either solid or none non-solid entities that come as sentient life forms that is having feeling, suppressed or otherwise and offer thinking capabilities.

Currently within the regulatory bounds of the official representation of the solar system containing the planet earth, we also offer open forum topics for human & extraterrestrial interactions for alternative dispute resolution and establishment of contact with business on earth. No matter what your story is or demographics of material we would love you to interact with the forum and other areas of this website.

We will gladly assist in diplomatic principles with extraterrestrial life forms and exercise the same rights of the human as you from other places here on our home world earth. We would like to make it very clear that the extraterrestrial embassy is not a government run enterprise & wishes to communicate with extraterrestrial on equal terms & in peace as your open forum and be an interface to local, state and other political factions on the planet earth.

We study both the language and culture in mind to offer you the best possible tour of our beautiful planet and hope to offer a diverse range of civilian interaction and holidays here on our planet. Come in look at some of our images, they are all authentic, even if for safety reason we called them a 'hot air ballon'