YAXS: VJ Bee Unlimited - Uses Xoops

Posted by: wishcrafton 2008/2/7 11:32:22 6382 reads

VJ Bee Unlimited

[size=medium]Uk Born, Gary Arthy is a 3d Render Specialist, he makes animations and clips that sell for 75p and is based in london. His site consists of a comphrensive forum for VJ's as well as a shop that allows for direct download or CD-ROM or DVD copies of volumes of animations.

Some of these animations take months to create, there will be a new page added soon with links to download single clip avi files direct from the server from within the shop also with preview files, this is being worked on now.

Single VJ Clips for VJ Content are for sale from our shop at http://shop.bee-unlimited.co.uk/ we have decided to sell the files as 640x480 cinepak with keyframes for 75p, this means the image quality will be higher than ripping YouTube and you wont look like a youtube VJ with poor quality material. The clips will soon be available on Volumed Disks for around 20 quid.

Take a look around at his site the is an absolutely massive amount of Video Material available.. This site will have a rework of the theme soon, it is only a theme we have selected temporarily.