XOOPS: XOOPS Annual Report 2007

Posted by: JulioNCon 2008/1/24 13:17:41 9787 reads

Here is our XOOPS Annual Report 2007. This first report is a new expression of transparency, because it contains not only information about our activities but also on the way in which we conduct.

The Annual Report is part of the management model made by the team to publicize transparently all practices that develops in the various countries where it is used.

The report started a month ago, and some users participated in it. Also, Excuse me for delay a report! and... Many thanks to Darcy (BlueStocking) and Defkon1 for help me! Enjoy! Download: XOOPS Annual Report 2007 More information A message : XOOPS Annual Report Kickoff A wiki page : XOOPS Annual Report wiki page