XOOPS: The XOOPS Israel becomes certified Hebrew support site

Posted by: XoopsCouncilon 2008/1/18 16:07:58 9386 reads

The XOOPS Project Council announces XOOPS Israel as a Certified Hebrew Support Site for XOOPS.

XOOPS Israel, or http://www.xoops.co.il , is built by Adam Alayan for Hebrew users. Adam's team has translated all the XOOPS application and some modules, they have a forum support and modules repository to enable users download XOOPS core and modules.

XOOPS has a long history in Hebrew since 2002 when tzvook, who is well known to the XOOPS community, and his team initiated the localization of XOOPS and numerous modules. tzvook's team does not have much time for the new IL support but they might share their modules with Adam.

XOOPS Project Council
January 18th, 2008