Modules: XPETITIONS module

Posted by: informatuxon 2008/1/14 15:13:54 6654 reads
INFORMATUX has created a multilingual petition management module: "XPETITIONS".

You can download it from module repository.

It enables you to manage as many petitions as you need. This module is new, this is still a beta version although many tests have already been carried out.

Please visit the following website for bug reports.
To gain access, please download the module and read the "README" file.

If Xoops users show interest for this module, we will create a dedicated website for feature requests, FAQ and a forum.

Thanks to Thomas Hubert for translating the module into English.

The module already includes many features and the following requests have been logged:
- Captcha setting from admin
- e-mail setting from admin
- signature confirmation without e-mail

Please report any bugs to the bugtracker or send me an e-mail to get more information or open an account on the bugtracker.