XOOPS: 1st XOOPS Draft Proposal Preparation Team report

Posted by: MadFishOn 2007/11/23 2:10:00 8640 reads
Thank you for your patience.

As you may be aware, in response to the views and opinions expressed in the threads Improving XOOPS governance, Proposal: Towards A Sustainable Open Source Project and [Proposal] Improving XOOPS Governance (amongst others), a new team was established by members of the XOOPS community with a view to drafting a proposal to be presented to both the Project Council and the XOOPS Foundation. The proposal was to make recommendations reflecting the concerns of many xoops users as to the state of the project, its future direction and its organizational structure.

This team was named the "XOOPS Draft Proposal Preparation Team" and you can follow their progress in the wiki

This Report:

This report serves two functions. Firstly, it is to inform the community of where reference materials relating to this process can be found. Secondly, and of equal importance, it serves as a focal point for interested community members to provide input. The team makes one request. Please read all the information on the wiki before you write. This is an extremely involved process, and there are many topics on which discussion must be held. In the interest of making speedy yet thorough progress, the team has decided to deal with issues in an orderly manner, and while community participation is encouraged and expected, the team suggests that contributors restrict their feedback to topics currently under discussion.

The team assembled itself in the forums on XOOPS.org, and was open to volunteers to join. Those that accepted the challenge requested and received a work space on XOOPS.org. Sadly, a week into their work, vandals attempted to derail the initiative and much of their work was lost. Not to be defeated, they moved to a different workspace and redoubled their efforts.
Preliminary Goals:

The team's initial goals were to agree on procedures:

a) for holding meetings

b) for making decisions and resolving disputes.

c) for keeping the community, including international support sites, informed and involved.

As these agreements were reached, an agenda was drafted. The draft which the team has compiled can be seen in the wiki. The various stages on this agenda are broadly defined and far reaching. The team believes that all matters of community concern fall within one stage of discussion or another. If interested members of the community believe that their concerns may not get covered in this agenda, you are encouraged to comment here.

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