Themes: Round Tunalife theme

Posted by: sroccidenteon 2007/11/11 2:52:00 5295 reads Hi, Dobepath ask me to make available the framework of Tunalife theme, instead I decided to make available the theme itself for downloading, bear in mind that I´m just an amateur and there is some templates modifications you have to perform in your own site, and if you want the theme as it is you can download from here:

Modify as you please, for sure there is some extra files inside the zip I neglected to erase it, so do what ever you want with them, delete, keep it, reuse it, I base this theme in a free css theme, but I did work in the colors, graphics,some of the css, hope you like it.

Also sometimes there is a problem with the DNS at the servers where I host my site, so if you can not access Tunalife do not worry, the theme is available in another storage server.

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