XOOPS: XOOPS 2.0.17 released

Posted by: phpppOn 2007/8/26 6:40:00 34505 reads
The XOOPS core development team is pleased to announce the release of XOOPS 2.0.17.

This is mainly a maintenance release containing a lot of bugfixes, as well as some functionality enhancements. Read the full changelog for details.

The package is available at the XOOPS Project SourceForge Download page

XOOPS Changelog

2007/08/24: Version 2.0.17
- Fixed deprecated js captureEvents method and style property errors (phppp/skenow)
- Fixed xhtml/css compliance errors (phppp/skenow/kris_fr/studioC/malanciault)
- Fixed bug #1656854 - Missing quotes and Id in XoopsObjectTree->makeSelBox (hthouzard/dugris)
- Fixed bug #1716980 - Sitename with contraction is truncated in mail users form (rowd/dugris)
- Fixed bug #1763214 - Color Module Preference field issue (zoullou/dugris)
- Fixed bug #1707436 - gzip compression not working correctly (rowd/young-pee/dugris/phppp)
- Fix : writing templates with prefix (template_set-theme_set) during modules installation and update (dugris)
- Fixed bug #1767284 view template code in template admin (dugris/Kris_fr)
- Fixed bug #1744332 fixing how we loop into the blocks array defined module xoops_version.php (malanciault/dave_l/dugris)
- Fixed bug #1767457 combined {X_SITEURL} and [URL] in custom blocks is not correctly compiled (phppp/domecc)
- Fixed bug #1767018 the popup menu is not correctly rewritten when the default language has been changed in General Settings - complete rewriting of the function : xoops_module_get_admin_menu (dugris/phppp)
- Fix: save the real version of system module during install (dugris)
- Fixed bug #1746179 BBCode Interpretation Incorrect for Images with ID and Alt (dugris/mboyden)
- Fixed bug #1751011 Add compatibility with plugin smarty for xoops for redirect page and close site page, Add smarties variables for redirect page and close site page, Add Meta for closed site (dugris/phppp)
- Fixed permission assignment problem in module installation and block management, which only granted permissions to groups of the user who installs the module; now module/block access permissions will be assigned to the three basic groups (admin, member, anonymous) by default (phppp/dugris/alainternet01)
- Fixed a problem in authfactory: configuration for authentication method was not checked properly (phppp)
- Fixed a bug in page redirect after user login with no access permission, which caused infinite loop (phppp)
- Fix bug #1734811: popen command execution in phpmailer::sendmail (phppp/larholm/judas_iscariote/m0nty_)
- Fixed wrong value for "disposition-type" in Content-Disposition header field of downloader class: inline => attachment (ref:http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2183.txt) (phppp)
- Fixed bug #1745032: Group Assignement problem when creating new user from admin (phppp/malanciault/dugris/felix)
- Fixed bug #1745057 and improved group selection for large count of user accounts (phppp/malanciault)
- Fixed bug in XoopsMultiMailer for setting $xoopsMailerConfig['smtphost'] which is a string instead of array (phppp/domecc)
- Fixed bug #1748019 : LDAP auth problem with Euro sign (pemen)
- Fixed bug #1764107 : Authentication problems with AD on Windows 2003. Added LDAP_OPT_REFERRALS option (pemen)
- Fixed bug #1610461 : edituser problem removing the url from the profile 2.0.16 (rowd/malanciault)
- Fixed bug #1610461 : unable to remove 'always attach my signature' once selected (rowd/malanciault)
- Fixed bug #1610461 : 4 x PHP 'undefined variable' notices; two for fields which are no longer used, two for checkbox fields (rowd/malanciault)
- Fixed bug #1626243 : when the site was closed and the Smarty Debug activated, the debug popup was displayed to anonymous users (rowd/malanciault)
- Fixed bug #1015557 : problem of undoHtmlSpecialChars when converting   (phpp/malanciault)
- Fixed bug #1689884 : Confusing Rank Code In EditUser Form In Admin Section (rowd/malanciault)
- Fixed syntax error in banner management (phppp)
- Fixed bug in XOOPS form checking if an element is required (phppp)
- Fixed bug in XOOPS form that an element added to a container as required is not counted by form (phppp)

+ Update smarty class (version 2.6.18) (dugris)
+ Update snoopy class (version 1.2.3) (dugris)

+ Improved system preference management: use register_shutdown_function to guarantee cached file cleaning up (phppp)
+ Improved: add delimiter for XoopsFormRadio and XoopsFormCheckBox (dugris)
+ Improved: add folder css for themes (dugris)
+ Improved cache ID generation: protecting group or language sensitive contents (phppp)
+ Improved XOOPS plugin for SMARTY: skip fetching tpl resource from DB for "default" template set (phppp)
+ Improved: cosmetic update for error message display in register (phppp)
+ Improved uploader class: localization of error messages (phppp)
+ Improved user selection to handle large amount of user accounts (phppp/ncnynl/huzhenghui)
+ Improved localization of navigation in system admin (phppp)
+ Improved session handling: added IP check and session_regenerate_id for each request (phppp/intron)
+ Implemented feature request #1745040 (temporarily) by enabling group selection (phppp/malanciault)
+ Implemented: leave form renderValidationJS method to each element for better control of validation code (phppp/dugris)

+ Added email as required and disclaimer if is required in registerform (phppp/dugris)
+ Added mark for required elements in XOOPS themeform (phppp)
+ Added block bid to block data assigned to templates (similar as in XOOPS 2.2*) as workaround for manipulating specific blocks. (phppp)
+ Added extra garbage collector for cases that gc function registered in session handler is not executed as expected (phppp/skalpa)
+ Added form element type check to form renderer which causes fatal error if an element is a string (phppp)
+ Added "required" flag to form elements that are required but not marked properly (phppp)
+ Added "name" parameter to form label element to allow positioning when template is used (phppp/ncnynl)
+ Added "overflow" property for XoopsCode in /themes/default/style.css (phppp)
+ Added TLS support for LDAP authentication with new config option #1697107 (pemen)
+ Add new constant in config Database for TLS (pemen)
+ Added upd-2.0.16-to-2.0.17 program (pemen)
+ Added _NOT_NOTHINGTODELETE constant that was missing (malanciault)

- Removed "list-style" parameter from li class in /themes/default/style.css which makes trouble to ol'ed li (phppp/huzhenghui)
- Modified installation procedure and add TLS (pemen)
- Code cleaning up for upgrade scripts, removed unused folders and files (phppp)

+ Added language files:
/language/english/findusers.php (phppp)
/language/english/uploader.php (phppp)

- Modified language files:
/modules/system/language/english/admin/findusers.php (malanciault)
/modules/system/language/english/admin.php (phppp)
/modules/system/language/english/admin/users.php (phppp)
/modules/system/language/english/admin/preferences.php (pemen)
/languages/english/auth.php (pemen)
/languages/english/notification.php (malanciault)