Modules: Release of DokuWiki 2.10 for Xoops

Posted by: jayjayOn 2007/8/20 20:48:42 9063 reads

I have embedded the latest stable dokuwiki release 2007-06-26 into xoops. This new module is based upon the great work of D.J. on 'dokuwiki for xoops' versions 2.01 and 2.02.

Download Link for DokuWiki 2.10 for Xoops

Forum on Xoopsforge for bugfixes


  1. this is an upgrade from dokuwiki version 2006-03-09 to 2007-06-26. Since that time the entire dokuwiki structure has changed enormously. I'm thinking of bugfixes, security updates, but also functionality improvements mainly in the way dokuwiki treats plugins (division between admin/helper/action/syntax/renderer plugins). A changelog can be found here
  2. being the latest stable dokuwiki release, xoops users can now use almost all recent dokuwiki plugins
  3. these additional plugins are in the xoops module: box, discussion, feed, include, indexmenu, linebreak, note, pagelist, pagemove and tag. More info
  4. I have added a xoops_pagetitle hack to make the wiki more attractive to search engines
  5. I have fixed a small 2.02 bug thanks to user peekay on The bug prevented viewing images as an anonymous site visitor


Can I add discussion to the wiki ?

Discussion is now a dokuwiki plugin. You can enable site-wide discussion in lib/plugins/discussion/conf/default.php or you can add per-page discussion manually like this: ~~DISCUSSION~~ More info

Where is the spellchecker ?

Spell checking has greatly improved in the latest dokuwiki release. You can follow these guidelines to activate.

I can't see the quickbuttons in the editor ?

This could be due to a javascript error. Please delete all files in xoops_root/cache/ and xoops_root/templates_c and make sure xoops debug is disabled (as it should be on production sites)!


It shouldn't be too difficult to upgrade to dokuwiki 2.10. Users that upgrade should just ignore the 'uploads' folder in the zip-archive. Before uploading the 'dokuwiki' folder in 'modules', they have to change two lines in conf/local.php: $conf['metadir'] = $conf['savedir'].'/meta/'; //edit jayjay: avoid clutter! becomes $conf['metadir'] = $conf['savedir']; and $conf['lockdir'] = $conf['savedir'].'/locks/'; //edit jayjay: avoid clutter! becomes $conf['lockdir'] = $conf['savedir'];

People that used the old 'discussion' hack in 'dokuwiki for xoops 2.02' should be able to convert it to the new discussion plugin

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