Modules: Classified Ads RC1 released

Posted by: jlm69on 2007/8/19 20:24:43 8227 reads

Classified AdsThe classified ads module RC1 is now released.

Version 3 RC1

Because of the database changes this module can not be upgraded, you must uninstall any previous version, then install this one. If you have categories aleady created use phpmyadmin to backup the category table and then restore that table after the new module is installed.

What is new

1. Users can now sort the listings.
2. To prevent sql injections I put addslashes() in the URL's, and mysql_real_escape_string() in the database calls.
3. Added a config option to let users use a different name when submiting or modifying a listing.
4. Added a config option to let users use a different e-mail when submiting or modifying a listing.
5. Needed to change the field type from 'varchar' to 'int', for sorting by hits.
6. The user can now choose if they want to be contacted by PM, E-mail, or either. (Phone number will always display unless the field is empty)

Database Changes

1. Changed price field to decimal(8,2) - needed to sort properly
1. Changed view field to int(11) - needed to sort properly
2. Changed date field to int(10) - needed to sort properly
3. Added the field contactby
4. Added the field premium

You can see it HERE.

You can download it HERE.

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