YAXS: JigJak - a social bookmarking and blogging site!

Posted by: lintuon 2007/8/16 7:25:02 5301 reads

jigjakWe are happy to finally launch JigJak.

JigJak combines social bookmarking, blogging, and syndication with a form of non-hierarchical, democratic editorial control. It is a community-based portal, helping you to locate good content on the web amongst the mountain of sub standard content without having to waste much time searching for it. All the Web sites listed here have been recommended and rated by users just like you based on innovations, usefulness and creativity. The fact is, humans can determine the best sites, actually better than computers or algorithms.

As a member you can :

  1. Add and store your bookmarks on JigJak and access your favorite websites from anywhere. Your bookmarks are available and always backed up no matter which computer you use
  2. Submit your own bookmarks and share it with the world
  3. Create your own profile page (for example your biography) which is viewable by other members
  4. Share your thoughts and ideas with the world by writing your own blog
  5. Send private messages among members
  6. Get access to any new features we offer in the future

Our Special Thanks

Below is a list of some of those we would like to THANK and who have helped make JigJak! possible

  1. The XOOPS community for giving us this great cms
  2. The WordPress community for the blog publishing system

Click here to take a tour of the site.