Themes: Aph3x themes has moved

Posted by: aph3xOn 2007/8/16 7:17:24 5160 reads Hello was closed today as it was reopened on

Like before, its main activity will be XOOPS themes, and like before, all downloads will be free and won't require registration.Users sql table was kept and inactive users deleted, number of posts was reseted as forum module was changed with CBB 4. Users still have the possibility to see a theme installed, as a "demo" link is present in download section for each download item.

Further more, standalone html templates will be posted on a regular basis on our download section (as my time will permit), PSD files will also be available to download whether they are templates, image sets or any graphic that will require user editing for particularization.

For IE users,browser requirement to visit the site is IE7, it means that if a user tries to enter the site using an older version, he/she will be redirected to a page where notification of browser upgrade is needed and he/she will be invited to download Firefox!

Might be a drastic measure but that browser sucks, and like any program needs a minimum of requirements to be installed/run, this site asks for IE7 therefor I apologize for any inconvenience.

Reason for not making it available in IE6 is simple...I didn't want to!

Thank you