YAXS: Again Sysdap.com

Posted by: ncodeson 2007/8/8 21:42:34 4894 reads
Hello everyone
I've updated my website and I want to invite you to visit it.

After moving my xoops from /home directory to / I lost 80% of visitors and 95% of search engine links. So I came up with this idea to represent SYSDAP.COM. Sysdap's google pagerank was 5(16000visits monthly) and it was going to reach 6 but moving folder changed everything.

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I've got a few projects there, Yahoo Emotion Icons(redesigned by myself in 500x500), iRobot Marvin, Sky Monitor and more. You can find them in DOWNLOADS.

Syadap.com also has a lot of game wallpapers and pictures token by me. You can find them in PHOTO GALLERY and GAME GALLERY. My pictures are known with these names, nSky, MySky and HiNight series.

How to help?
You can help me by linking to Sysdap.com through this page. or you can help by sending my link to your friends.

Or add my RSS through this link.

Comments are welcomed in Sysdap, so say what you think of pictures and other stufff ;).