YAXS: Opening of the new site of Prestige TELECOM !

Posted by: marcanon 2007/8/1 18:47:55 5713 reads
Recently, INBOX International has launched the completed new site of Prestige TELECOM which makes a very extensive use of the SmartObject Framework. Opening of the new site of Prestige TELECOMWhat is Prestige TELECOM ? Since its founding in 1980, Prestige Telecom has built a solid and enviable reputation in the Canadian telecom industry. Prestige Telecom delivers a wide range of expert engineering and installation services for both wireline and wireless networks. Our next-generation project management system ensures that we maintain real-time close contact with client representatives from the start to the finish of any size project. How does the SmartObject Framework was used to develop this site ? Prestige-tel.com uses the soon to be released SmartContent module (based on SmartObject) for displaying static content on the site. This module is also responsible for managing and displaying the navigation menus (top right menu and submenu) dynamically. Finally, the site uses the new SmartObject Custom Tags allowing the webmaster of the site to create an unlimited amount of "tags" linked to a language on the site and to one or many groups. Every time XOOPS encounter one of these tags, it will be replaced by the value of the tag in the language of the user, if, of course, the user belongs to a group that has access to this custom tag. You can see this in action on the Prestige TELECOM site with the 2 boxes that contains text just below the header. You can see that these text will change from page to page. Those texts are managed by Custom Tags ! A collaboration with Zone C Communication For this project we have worked in collaboration with Zone C Communication for the visual and marketing aspects of the site. The very creative people of the Zone C team has developed the visual interface which was then beautifully integrated in a new theme by XOOPS Design.
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