YAXS: The completely new Planetair.ca !

Posted by: marcanon 2007/8/1 18:44:29 4495 reads
Recently, INBOX International has launched the completed new site of Planetair.ca which makes a very extensive use of the SmartObject Framework. The completely new Planetair.caWhat is Planetair ? Planetair is a not-for-profit service offered by the Unisféra International Centre. Planetair helps individuals, corporations, and institutions to improve their climate footprint. Launched in 2005, it has three main goals: 1) To raise the awareness of individuals, corporations, and institutions about how their day-today activities impact upon our global climate. 2) To foster the behavioural changes required to reduce their GHG emissions. 3) To call for actions to offset those GHG emissions that cannot be effectively reduced. It achieves these objectives in two ways: 1) By developing and funding a GHG emissions offset project portfolio, establishing an economic mechanism to achieve environmental and social objectives. 2) And by certifying activities, events, and organizations as carbon neutral. How does the SmartObject Framework was used to develop this site ? Planetair.ca uses the soon to be released SmartContent module (based on SmartObject) for displaying static content on the site. This module is also responsible for managing and displaying the navigation menus (top right menu, and centered one) dynamically. Moreover, a completely new module was developed for this project : the SmartOffset module. This module is indeed based on SmartObject and is responsible for providing all the features to allow users to offset their CO2 emissions when using their car, when traveling by airplane or simply because of their electricity and gaz consumption. The module is integrated with PayPal to manage all payments. We also made our first use of AJAX in module ! As you can see in the Air Travel Offset feature, the airport selection boxes are powered by AJAX requests ! We have used the Scriptaculous AJAX framework to achieve this and have created a XoopsForm Ajax Selection control so it can be easily reused. A collaboration with Zone C Communication For this project we have worked in collaboration with Zone C Communication for the visual and marketing aspects of the site. The very creative people of the Zone C team has developed the visual interface which was then beautifully integrated in a new theme by XOOPS Design.
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