XOOPS: Announcement of the Project Team : Design

Posted by: christianOn 2007/7/12 4:01:52 26358 reads
The XOOPS Project Council is pleased to announce the establishment of Design Team.
Proper permissions are now assigned to the team and related permissions are adjusted for the team to start working smoothly.

For details, please refer to the Team's report.

Team Report Design Team


  1. The design Team is responsible for XOOPS official site design.
  2. Furthermore the design Team is responsible for the default themes and templates shipped with XOOPS core releases
  3. The design Team will help to train XOOPS theme designers and improve their skills in any aspect
  4. The design Team will maintain a repository for XOOPS official themes
  5. The design Team will help module developers to find the best way to display modules content

Team Leader


Members list

  1. Erol Konik
  2. Incama (Dave)
  3. Kris
  4. sato-san
  5. studioC (michael)
  6. technigrafa

Team rules

  1. A member being inactive (not online, no team meeting for more than one month) will be losing his/her XOOPS Team identity
  2. Every member shall report to Team Leader on the First of each month
  3. The team shall report to XOOPS Project Council on the First of each month
  4. The Team Leader will be chosen by the Team
  5. New Member will be invited


Actually there was not that much we could do before having some more details about the future organisation of xoops.org. Until now we had some conversation via IM to get in contact.
At the beginning there was some confusion regarding the design Team on Topic official and community driven. So at first, the thoughts and ideas were shared. Tasks of our team have been made clear. Ideas for a new xoops.org were discussed.

Things needed

  1. a working place, forum with member access
  2. how to submit content, files, ...