XOOPS: Changes In The World Of XOOPS

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Changes In The World Of XOOPS.

Well since the communication teams last article a lot more has changed, perhaps we should now take a while to reflect on the changes, perhaps this will set a clear view for the community.


Skalpa resigned as lead developer around the 7th of June 2007, to some this was a great loss and others a breath of fresh air, when the Communications Team were asked for their opinion the following statement was issued by Tom.

“Well personally I have mixed feelings about the situation, on one hand this is a sad loss I was lucky enough to have briefly worked with Skalpa, on the other hand the community called for change, and the change was coming, however it's now happened faster than first anticipated.

I do however have concerns, I feel we maybe going too fast and as such I fear the project may stumble.

Personally I feel we should have more haste less speed, meaning:

The faster you try to do something, the more likely you are to make mistakes that make you take longer than it would had you planned it.

All in all we are seeing positive changes, but we really do need to be careful as we can't face another failure in XOOPS ”

Project Leader

Upon Skalpa's decision to depart the role of lead developer he allocated the position of project manager to JMorris.

The community were then informed that DJ was appointed position of lead developer, in a bold move to put XOOPS back on track to becoming and OSS project.

As part of DJ's new role he has called for the community to form teams, in order to work towards improving the current situation at XOOPS, and as expected many talented people have stepped forth. We've even seen such names as Predator aka Marko back on our screens.

For those of you unfamiliar with Predator, he's been at XOOPS for many years, a very talented person too, perhaps even the first person to try and port OSC a commercial shopping cart to XOOPS, he was also part of the developers team at one point too.

Unfortunately we lost Predator at one stage, as he left to join the Joomla project due to situation within XOOPS that was occurring, well lets hope now is truly a time for change and that he's here to stay.

Project Council

DJ called for a project council to be established in doing so he appointed himself alongside JMorris and Tom.

The council has been set up in the spirit of democracy where by why each council member has a vote in the running of the project, and mission critical tasks.

Various topics have been discussed but to date only one item has been confirmed or sanctioned by the council members.

The confirmation comes that the Communications Team is the first team to be fully established and active as you see from this article.

Advisory Team

DJ also called for the formation of an 'Advisory Team', with the following statement:

“ The Team would be created for XOOPSers who had worked in a project team but left the community for some reasons. We hope that they come back and help the project again.

This Team is also for XOOPSers who have rich professional experiences but have not adequate time to be a regular member of a team. By joining the team they can help the project in a way proper for them whenever they have time.

3 For those who don't have interest to be a team member but know it is wrong when something is not done in the right way, please join the team so that when you see something is wrong you stand up and speak to the corresponding team - "You are doing the wrong way, you should do in such a way that ..."

In summary, output from the team is "criticizing and suggestions" to the project teams. “

David was asked for his opinion on the advisory team and the following statement was issued:

”In principle, I agree the idea is a good one.

To me, it seems in the lines of a "Watchdog" or an "Advisory Council". In other words, some one who can oversea things - and raise an issue if it seems things aren't going as they should.

However, my personal concerns are that judgements need to be made in a none-personal manner - as far too often, clashes between individual mindsets and differences in viewpoints have caused great unrest in the XOOPS Community as a whole.

So long as this body follows its own ruling itself, and discusses any issues initially between the relevant parties on the relevant team - and the senior project management... before making a public statement of the matter - it would ensure that any potential problems can be dealt with, together with a resolution, and both provided to the greater good of the community and the teams effected.

My own thoughts are that this should be tried, for a set trial period only.

If the idea is none-workable ... at least it would have been given an attempt”

What Other Teams Are Forming?

Well we'll not go on to much about all the teams, as everything is not yet set in stone, and there are so many but to brief the details, here they are.

The following will contain quotes from DJ's postings.

XOOPS Project Council

As mentioned previously within this article

XOOPS Advisory Team

As mentioned previously within this article

Server Team

The server team will still remain in the very capable hands of JMorris and JDSeymour, whom has done a fantastic job over the years, for an interview with the server team, please read the article 'XOOPS Aurora'

XOOPS Aurora Article - Click Here

Core Development Team

development of XOOPS core

Leader candidate(s):

Member candidates:
pemem, mboyden, Dave_L, marcan, dhsoft, nekro, jegelstaff, rplima2004, DuGris, zoullou (contacted by email)

Applications for this team are still open

Module Development Team

(module refer to "XOOPS module", hacks and add-ons that not be considered as "XOOPS core")
1 train XOOPS module developers and improve their skills in any aspect
2 propose development standards for XOOPS modules
3 maintain XOOPS module repository
4 act as a bridge between XOOPS users and the Core Development Team


mboyden, dhsoft, Deepy (aka xoops_gold), Vaughan (aka M0nty), solo71, sulco, wtravel

Applications for this team are still open.

Design Team

1 train XOOPS theme designers and improve their skills in any aspect
2 responsible for the default themes shipped with XOOPS core releases
3 maintain XOOPS theme repository

Leader candidate(s):

Member candidates:
incama, sato-san, JMorris, DefianceB0y, kris_fr, Philou

Currently there is no team leader and applications are still be accepted.

Communications Team


- News
-- Interviews
-- SVN Updates
-- New modules and reviews
-- New Themes
-- WOX

- Promotion
-- Promote XOOPS using resources around the net
-- Use initiative in creating new promotion avenues
-- Generate interest from out side developers to join the project either as a module developer, theme developer, etc
-- Possible XOOPS Competitions for the community

- Documentation
-- Core documentation for developers - aimed at newcomers
-- Theme documentation - aimed at new designers, detail cool and innovative ways to create new themes, other theme docs will be for beginners for how to's on installing themes and making minor alterations
-- XOOPS documentation -aimed at new and experienced users for how to use the XOOPS system.
-- XOOPS Module - aimed at new and experienced users with details of how to use a module, it's features, etc.
-- Road-map - This is perhaps more a job for the devs??? but could be assisted by someone from Com's team???

- Translations
-- Translate to other languages for use in international support sites

Applications are currently closed for this team, whilst we asses the work required and a clear path forward.

Tom, Skenow

jensclas, MadFish, kurak_bu, irmtfan, wtravel, slyss, Sato-san, Kris

debianus - Spanish

Community Coordination Team

1 responsible for daily administrative jobs
2 help users to contact corresponding teams upon their requests
3 help users to understand and use XOOPS correctly
4 help users to use the XOOPS official sites properly

Leader candidate(s):

Member candidates:
JAVesey, Jenclas

Currently there is now team leader, and applications are still being accepted

English Support Site - Not so Official

After the series 'Starting a New XOOPS Site' had been started and before the new server testing began, Steve (skenow), was asked by James (jmorris) to assist with maintaining XOOPSinfo.com. Steve agreed, and soon started getting familiar with the inner workings of that site.

The main goal of XOOPSinfo, at that point, was to be a portal to all the various XOOPS sites that were already available - see the News Feeds section for all the different sources of information.

There was also talk about creating areas within the XOOPS site to specialize in the different aspects of the project - core development, support, addons (modules and themes) and documentation, placing them in the control of parts of the community.

Steve goes on to say -
Then, the atmosphere at XOOPS.org started to change. Suddenly, we were called to act - based on what had been observed of our work environment, we were asked to take on becoming the community support site for XOOPS. We agreed and began vigorous preparation to accomplish that task. Additional people were recruited to refine and establish an etiquette and code of conduct for all users on the site, including moderators and management.

Preparations were near complete when news of Skalpa's leaving was announced. Our future at XOOPSinfo became uncertain, but we persisted, committed to being a valuable resource to the community. While the events of the last 7 days have unfolded rather quickly and our 'status' as an officially certified local support site is uncertain, we are still committed to the original purpose of XOOPSinfo and will welcome anyone who wishes to find support at this site.

Developers Statement

DJ was asked for a statement however at the time of publication non has been given.


Well the changes do seem to be happening, and the general feeling is that the XOOPS community are loving it!!!

But the question is, are they?

Let us know your opinion on the recent changes, any concerns, suggestions, etc, just get those fingers on the keyboard and let us know your comments.

ADDITION: This is an addition being made after completion of this article.

According to recent communications with DJ, the communications team, although the first to be active and produce, are not currently deemed as official.

To add to another point this also applies to the XOOPS Council, although members were invited, selected and the private council site being active, the current council is not in affect, until confirmation of DJ and his personal authorisation.

Jenclas has also resigned from her roles, after completion of this article.

On that note we would like to wish Jen the best of health and wish her luck in everything aims for in life.