YAXS: Share your howto's on Howtodude.NET!

Posted by: Dona_Brasilon 2007/6/12 8:03:08 5802 reads
I was looking for a way to archive my howto's. A howto is an informal and short description of how to accomplish something. I wanted to archive my howto’s online so that I could access these from various locations and I was surprised that there was no good alternative. So I made one:

On Howtodude.NET, you can archive your own howto's so that you can access these from everywhere at every time. You can also learn how other people did it by searching their howto's.

Howtodude.NET was designed to be a simple website with some clear calls for action. As long as the user is not logged in, the call for action is to login or register. Once the user is logged in, the call for action shifts towards adding howto’s. Howto’s are made searchable so that it is easy to find a howto once the site has been filled with more content.

Howtodude.NET makes use of a single module for its core functionality: Article. Using only one module for core functionality helped to keep the site simple. The tags are created by XOOPS Tag that is well integrated with Article. Smartsection is used on pages like www.howtodude.net/about/ because of its great strength in URL rewriting. Liaise is used for the contact form. MP Manager is used for sending private messages.

Howtodude.NET was launched today. It will take some time before the site is filled with content!

By the way, I'll log my XOOPS howto's on this place!