XOOPS: Introduction to XOOPSinfo - an English local support site

Posted by: phpppon 2007/6/11 7:10:00 9199 reads
I am glad to introduce yet another great local support site to the community, the XOOPSinfo, http://xoopsinfo.com
The XOOPSinfo is the result of community collaborative efforts from the Xi Team, led by JMorris.

According to Xi Team's introduction, the site was recognized by former project management team as "officially certified local support site". However, as the XOOPS Project management is now turned to an open way, the Project won't announce any site directly without proper evaluation following our management rules.

Now the XOOPSinfo is under evaluation status and we look forward to reviews from XOOPS community. Corresponding official decision will be made by the XOOPS Project Council or an appropriate team upon community's feedbacks.


The XOOPSinfo, http://www.xoopsinfo.com, "was born out of a desire to provide a centralized portal where XOOPS users, developers, designers, and professional service providers could join together and share information and resources."

It "is managed by a group of volunteers that were selected from the greater XOOPS community. These volunteers may or may not be involved in the XOOPS Project or XOOPS Foundation. Their role here is that of a community member."

For more information, please refer to http://xoopsinfo.com/modules/about/