XOOPS: Xoops History - 5th Anniversary - Timeline 2006

Posted by: Marcoon 2007/4/29 17:00:00 142714 reads No one had noticed that, but the Xoops project is more than 5 years old now! Happy Anniversary XOOPS !

Moreover, many ask where does Xoops come from and where it goes. Like last year, I've updated the graphics that can help you to better understand where Xoops comes from and successive evolutions of the product from 2001 to april 2007

"So here it is. What is it? It's a XOOPS Timeline depicting (sort of) the main dates in the development of this amazing product."
--> A good way to make a flashback through our project.

If you want to see them, just click on the links below :
- end 2001- early 2004 Period (author : hsalazar )
- early 2004 - early 2006 Period (author : marco)
- early 2004 - april 2007 Period (author : marco)