Modules: XtremGuestbook V1.01

Posted by: xtremdjOn 2002/8/8 14:10:48 5432 reads
Here is the last release of my guestbook with some new fonctions like :
- Possibility to allow or not BBcodes
- Possibility to allow or not HTML
- Possibility to allow or not Smileys
- Possibility to send a mail to the webmaster for each new messages
- The email fields is now free, one members can give an email different to the inscription one

- Languages :
English (don't laught, i have a really bad english i know )
and shinese and tchinest thank to LIYA
Other will be added to the pack in a few days.
- Image for the header (you could change it off course).

Don't forget to chmod 666 cache/config.php

In order to upgrade from the old Guestbook :
Rename the file guestbook_to_xtg.txt in guestbook_to_xtg.php , upload and launch it. it will add all old messages to the new guestbook. Don't forget to delete this file after that.

Preview : HERE

Download :HERE

Functionnality of version 1.0 : HERE