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Posted by: spacejoeeon 2007/4/15 0:07:38 7968 reads
Casafree Maroc is happy to share with you one of our last themes creations : Atlantic Xoops Theme.
This theme comes with some cool features, like divs opacity.
This theme is easy to install - you will just have to edit the file theme.html and follow the commented instructions to adapt it to your needs.

Technical specification :
- 2/3 Columns
- Fluid width
- Tested in IE 7, Firefox, and could work with any other browser (fingers crossed)

Here are some screenshots :

Resized Image

Theme details :

Resized Image Resized Image
Resized Image

The photo of the woman looking at the ocean used in this theme can be found in album photos Casafree. It was taken last summer in Casablanca (Morocco). It's one of my favorite shots so i tried to port it to Xoops. I hope you like the final result.

>> Download Atlantic Xoops Theme in Zip format <<
>> Download Atlantic Xoops Theme in Rar format <<

You can find our other xoops themes at in the Xoops section.

Feel free to report any Bug.
Thank You.

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