Hacks: How to make to appear the right menù with freecontent

Posted by: DIABLOon 2002/8/7 19:29:51 4913 reads
If used, the FreeContent module and you are not particularly shoes to you on php or still you do not know well xoops, you will have noticed, than when gone in a page created with this, does not come visualized the menù of right and not there are knows to you, that they can help you, at least, if continued to try the problem to the inside of the module.

In fact, this would be the result of one normal installation and creation of one page with this module: Resized Image As you see lacks the lateral menù of right, even if in the file index.php, present in the module, had been given the order to show all and the two menù: Quote:
if($xoopsConfig['startpage'] == "freecontent"){ $xoopsOption['show_rblock'] =1; include(XOOPS_ROOT_PATH."/header.php"); make_cblock(); $id = $fc_start_id; echo "
"; }else{ $xoopsOption['show_rblock'] =1; include(XOOPS_ROOT_PATH."/header.php"); }
A way instead in order to make to appear this menù, exists perhaps but it does not reside (or reside but i do not know) to the inside of the folder modules; you must go to try very more far away and exactly, to the inside of the file html/footer.php; In fact it will be enough to modify this line: Quote:
if ( !isset($xoopsOption['show_rblock']) ) { $xoopsOption['show_rblock'] = 0; }
with this other: Quote:
if ( !isset($xoopsOption['show_rblock']) ) { $xoopsOption['show_rblock'] = 1; }
And the result, will be what you hoped! To watch in order to believe: Resized Image I hope has been useful this explanation P.S.: Sorry for my English but i'm not English or American :) Byez DIABLO www.xoops.6b6.net Italian Support of Xoops