Modules: XmSpotlight module for Xoops News 1.5 (Hacked version)

Posted by: ecolipson 2007/3/19 2:00:00 8867 reads
Xm-Spotlight module which is used to spotlight News in main page doesn't work with News 1.5 or higher versions. It only works with News 1.4 . I have modified some php codes as told in the forums and packed it again. Now it works with News 1.5 with no problem. The module based on Xm-Spotlight 1.02beta2 by SMD.

There are two versions of the package. First one with the original template file and the second one with the modified template file wich I am using at ertx.comRock portal site.
You can download the files from my sites Xoops section.

Moderator Note:

Please note: The original version of this module, by smd, is under development in conjunction with Bandit-x - and can be found at or