Modules: xsGal - XOOPS Simple Gallery

Posted by: Anonymouson 2007/1/21 10:47:21 11848 reads
xsGal is a simple image gallery. It generate thumbnails of images inside a particular folder (and sub-folders) and show them in an organized way.

- Very easy install.
- Don't have to move images from current folder location.
- Handles JPEG and JPG file types. Can handle GIF and PNG but the EXIF won't work for those filetypes.
- Show images in the current gallery folder alphabetically.
- Show subfolders to the gallery folder alphabetically, giving access to tree-like structure.
- Thumbs view.
- Javascript pewview with previous/next feature.
- Keyboard navigation for javascript preview (N - next, P - previous, C - close)
- Exif data that shows photographs camera settings and files size.
- Adjustable sizes for thumbnailed icons.
- Very flexible script.

Demo: Click here

Download: Click here

Thanks to :
- Marcan
- Salah bokris
- Zaki banoon