YAXS: My Nappy Kitchen - A simple guide to nappy hair care at home.

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What this site IS:

My Nappy Kitchen encourages people of African descent to keep their hair napptural (in its natural state). My Nappy Kitchen also welcome parents and guardians of children with hair of African descent. My Nappy Kitchen is for people of all nationalities and ethnic groups who would like to learn more about nappy hair care. The purpose of this site is to educate the planet about how to care for nappy, napptural hair, or natural hair of African descent at home.

What this site is NOT:

This site is not anti-Caucasian or any other group. Everyone is welcome here. The purpose of this site is not to bash you if you are wearing your hair relaxed. To all ... Welcome to My Nappy Kitchen.

url: http://www.mynappykitchen.com/