YAXS: GuitarGearHeads.com - New Theme, Same Attitude!

Posted by: dlhon 2007/1/16 21:54:37 5694 reads
Thanks to Xoops, GuitarGearHeads is one of the leading guitar sites on the internet, experiencing greater than 70,000 unique users and 1.7 million page views a month.

We started with Xoops in its infancy (like one of the V1 RCs!) and have grown with it. We have found that regardless of the debates on SEO tactics, Xoops indexes extremely well. This is evidenced by our #1 placement on Google for various key search terms. It goes to show you it's all about content! And we have alot of it...

For the new year we have made some major improvements to the site - including a new theme and expansions of some custom modules. Thank you to all the developers who create fantastic code!

Resized Image

Module Snapshot
News 1.4
CBB 3.08
Soapbox (about to transfer everything to new Article module)
Misc standard modules
Rewritten myReviews
Custom RSS Newscenter
Custom SuperSpotLight

One of the major benefits of this theme change is that we have been able to take advantage of the various block-types (specifically center blocks) for an innovative, professional "non-Nuke" look.

We will continue to grow and support the Xoops community. Please check out the site and let me know your comments.

Special thanks to Tuff at Brandycoke.com for his development work.