Themes: An alternating theme

Posted by: masshostneton 2006/12/31 10:50:00 5496 reads
Resized ImageThis template is designed to display variable styles and themes. If you want to have modules appearing with different colors, background, images and fonts then this will work perfectly. There are 3 stylesheets that alter selected pages. These css are selected with Smarty switches.

Six header images rotate randomly by a javascript each time a page except the home page is loaded. The script is a random content type so links can be added to the images and with imagination anything can be added for rotation

The BlockTitles are commented out so that different title designs can be implemented using the editor (we use tinyEditor)

The left and right columns are immediately beside each other and the center column is on the right. The center left and right blocks exist with Fieldset borders.

The login/registration link and usermenu is at the foot of the page. Download