Modules: tinyeditor 1.0 Final released!

Posted by: frankblackon 2006/12/30 14:10:00 16097 reads I am proud to present the release of tinyeditor 1.0 Final.

There are no dramatic changes to the last version, but some features were added:

+ Uploading and extraction zip-files (plus option for forbidding extraction) - thx to paketep for the idea. Please be aware that uploading archives could be a security risk, because there is no RELIABLE to check all the files. Don't trust the guy at the corner offering you cool zip-files.


+ Changed the code a bit for the plugins for the advlink plugin - thx to paketep for that
+ Overriding group ids added - thx to silver74 for giving inspiration to this. Main problem was that users could be in different groups and only the first group id was taken into account for the toolbars. Another advantage of this overriding feature is, that you don't have to make toolbars for all groups, when some groups should have the same tools
+ Disk quota for xrmanager added
+ Plugins for the toolsets are now read dynamically (PHP instead of JS) in the backend. This saved me about 200 lines of code. Thx to phpp for his valuable hint with debugging
+ devkit plugin for debugging plugins added
+ Newest compressor for gzip is now used
+ Tidied the code and directories a bit, so the editor should! run faster now
+ Some bugs fixed
+ Some bugs added
+ Directionality now defined in language-file - thx to irmtfan for inspiration. You'll get Geronimos Cadillac from me for this idea!
+ Using defines instead of variables for FTP credentials

What is left to say?

Thx to those donating me webspace for testing, those for bug reporting (so few?) and those for helping me coding.

While being on this project it was an exciting time and I learned a lot. So now I am handing this project back to ralf57, who will make this editor tiny again. I fear I made it too big?

HERE you will find all the files.

One thing is left to do for me: updating the documentation. A new documentation will be ready in a few days. Full credits will be also inside this documentation.