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Posted by: MarcoOn 2006/12/17 14:00:00 11723 reads
XoopsInfo 2.11 : the ultimate utilities toolkit

We are pleased to announce a new version of the ModInfos module.
Due to the fact that we made several improvements to that module, we decided to rename it into "XoopsInfo", and to numerate it from 2.1x.
New features are many and essential, this (heavy) work from Dugris is in a way a compilation of all of your wishes, e.g. information and/or admin utilities you wanted to see in the xoops admin panel.

copie d'écran

Caution : For those who want to keep the classical mimetype's manager, don't upload /class, /kernel and /language directory/files from the module's archive

List of New features :

1) Revamped "Xoops Environment" Area with a summary of your website's information, and a possibility to modify elements without having to go several to areas of the xoops admin general preferences panel,
2) Revamped "Sql Environnement" Area, with new information about some tables of your database, and about charsets in use (usefull in case of a database transfer),

Mysql Environnement

3) New "Modules Infos" Area, that will help you to check module's versions, to check if module's updates have correctly been made and if you use the latest version of the modules. From here, you can update your module as if you were in the xoops admin, and access to the support download area to take the latest version. For that, module developers should have made some changes in their modules,
Module's Infos

Module's Infos

4) New "Editor's Infos" Area, that will help you to see which editor is installed and works or not,
Editor's Infos

5) New "Overriding Infos", if you like like us this feature, you can easily see which template is overrided or not. XoopsInfo is here to help us !
Ovverading Infos

6) New "Mimetypes Management" area, we sometimes need to check wether an extension is activated/permitted or not. XoopsInfo help us to easily manage those extensions and permissions rights per modules/groups through a unique and ergonomic panel. By "Manage" we want to say, "if the module has been adapted for that feature, MimeType would be manageable directly from this panel",.
Caution : For those who would like to keep the old mimetype management way, don't upload /class, /kernel, /language files from the archive
Mimetypes Management

7) "Rescue" access : "white page without any way to access to admin panel!!" everyone has already been in this situation!
XoopsInfo helps us to access to a rescue panel, in which you will be able to modify some parameters, like : activate debug mode, set back the default theme, deactivate protector, delete templates_c's directory files, etc...

Rescue Link

Rescue Access

This module should be and must be installed on websites of every good webmasters, beginners or not. The goal of such a tool is to simplify xoops management, isn't it ?

This module can be downloaded from Dugris's website.

For that module, Kris has made several video tutorials (sorry, these are, from now, only in French. We hope some will be made in English one day).These can be seen on XoopsDemoKris, or downloaded from the "Tutoriels" menu in the "Documentation" block at main page of Xoops France's website.

As you may have noticed, some new features can only be used if modules have been adapted. You will find in the archive an example of needed modifications. During that time, you can create some plugins that, we strongly believe, you will share with the community through its forums. We strongly hope that module developers will make needed modifications to their modules. It's up to us to motivate them with using XoopsInfo module.At last, those new features will be incorporated into Xoops core soon..

Thanks for your comments and suggestions

Caution : For those who would like to keep the old mimetype management way, don't upload /class, /kernel, /language files from the archive

Have Fun !

Dugris/Kris/Marco - Xoops France Team

Note : after having installed the module on your website, try this : http://yourwebsite/modules/xoopsinfo/xoopsinfo.php - a gift is waiting for you !!