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Uk-based Maeva DRM has a bright future!

2006 marks the beginning of a new era in commercial radio. This year several radiostations around the globe will start broadcasting in Digital Radio Mondiale. Drm is the new worldwide standard for digital longwave, mediumwave and shortwave radio, offering exciting oppertunities to commercial, private broadcasters.

DRM is the world's only, non-proprietary digital radio system for short-wave, AM/medium-wave and long-wave. It has been endorsed by the ITU, IEC and ETSI. While DRM currently covers the broadcasting bands below 30 MHz, the DRM consortium voted in March 2005 to begin the process of extending the system to the broadcasting bands up to 120 MHz. The design, development and testing phases are expected to be completed by 2007-2009.

DRM is the only universal, non-proprietary digital AM radio system with near-FM quality sound available to markets worldwide. The quality of DRM audio is excellent, and the improvement upon analogue AM is immediately noticeable. DRM can be used for a range of audio content, including multi-lingual speech and music.