Themes: Omnetwork Theme #7 - Dynamic Flash header!

Posted by: hardyvojeon 2006/7/28 7:25:58 6583 reads
Here is one, let's say: Advanced theme by

This is rounded-corner stretchable theme with dynamic flash header. When I say dynamic I'm pointing to headline feature:

Flash movie integrated in theme's header connects to site's database and take information from stories table (news) and display news titles in CNN headlines manner. When visitor clicks to title, it will open page with coresponding article.

Using text editor you can ajdust: (newsfeeder.php file)
- Delay in seconds for one title (default: 4)
- Number of titles (default: 5)
- Should it open article in new windows or in self (default: _blank)

You can use this theme to display any table and any cell. Changing parametars you can connect to Downloads, MyAlbum, Forum posts... whatever, since you can adjust table name and cell name.

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After uploading in most cases theme will work properly without changing anything since path to Xoops's mainfile.php is relative.

You'll have to register to download. Registrated users have access to 250+ free photos and downloads available at

Download page

At this moment I cannot provide live preview, but if someone install this theme to it's site, post comment with link.