Modules: Betatesters needed - Xoops Multilanguage for 2.0.14

Posted by: BenderOn 2006/7/4 8:50:00 7516 reads
The SmartFactory just upgraded XOOPS Multilanguages package to support XOOPS 2.0.14.

A download link to the current beta can be found here

Please note that this a beta version and it is not to be installed on a production site. We release it to get your feedback to fix any bugs that may likely occur.

XOOPS 2.0.14 introduced a lot of changes in the code and it is mandatory that our package is tested by as many people as possible.

Please report any problem on our forums.

What's this hack all about ?

XOOPS Multilanguages is a heavily hacked version of XOOPS allowing the implementation of multilingual XOOPS sites.

XOOPS Multilanguages has 2 main functionnalities. First, it allows the user to easily change the language of the site. A Select your language block is provided with this package but you can also adapt your site theme (as this site did : look at the top right corner of the site !).

The second functionnality is the Language Tags. This is what will make the content of the site multilingual. It works as any other Xoops Code, ie with brackets [], and in nearly every text area !

When language tags are used, the site will only return the content placed inside the language tags of the selected language.