Themes: Zeta Reticuli v0.5 for 2.0.14

Posted by: leostotchOn 2006/6/17 5:29:10 19781 reads
Here is my very first XOOPS theme. It's not entirely finished and I'm not happy with it, but work will be calling me soon, and as I thought I could be useful for some people so I decided to release it as-is.

Please note that this theme makes extensive use of 2.0.14 features and requires 2.0.14-RC1 to work. Also, I consider this unfinished/beta work, so try it extensively and check that it works for you before using it on a public server.

Original design by snowinmyhands-at-xoopsdesign
CSS and templates by me
Original work and technical support by skalpa: most of my work is based on his 2.3alpha themes, has been made possible by the new theme system, and he's always been here to answer my questions (honnestly with some delay, but he answered anyway), so I think he greatly deserves credits.

Download it here

Browsers compatibility:
- Firefox (tested with 1.0 - 3.0-dev)
- Safari 2.x (tested on 10.4.6, would like to know about previous versions)
- Opera 8.0+ (7.5 working with small artifacts)
- MSIE6 (Javascript required - uses Dean Edwards' brilliant IE7 library)

- Fully CSS based/floats compatible layout
- Login/User menu blocks integrated in the theme layout
- Configurable center blocks zones: both the top and bottom zones can show the blocks using L-R/C, C/L-R or L-C-R (3cols) mode
- Contains compliant/sematically correct versions of: most system templates, a few News templates, and most of CBB3.04
- Contains a few (sometimes buggy) dhtml toys (like the possibility to show/hide the left column or the notifications block)

- May not be compatible with old browsers (see above)
- The left column show/hide button behaves strangely on Safari (the page display gets strange, but things work correctly once you go to another page)
- The expand/collapse widget doesn't work at all in MSIE (with the left column IE freaks out so I removed the button, and on other places it should work
but I didn't take the time to bebug it correcly)
- The CBB templates rewriting is unfinished and a bit buggy, so I wouldn't recommend their use on a public server (the "click" menus don't work, and my attempt to clean up the menus/admin feature must have given birth to bugs)

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