Modules: Tropical mail 1.00

Posted by: kaotikon 2006/6/16 17:30:00 8159 reads
Tropical mail is a webmail client for xoops. It allows your users to have multiple mail accounts. You can test it by logging in to my site at

Tropical mail started as a port of Iloha mail into Xoops. This was version 0.5 which can also be found on my site.

Some of the new features of Tropical mail 1.00:
-Ajax. Tropical mail uses the Xajax library to provide Ajax functionality. With this you can create, edit and delete accounts without having to reload the entire page. I've also incorporated a small "module is working" gif.
-Multiple Accounts per user.
-Set Default. Using Ajax each user can set a default account to open.

Iloha mail. What is it?
Iloha mail allows you to view your email using pop3 or imap. It also allows each user to browse in their native language.
More features of iloha mail:
- Bookmark manager
- Contact manager
- Calender (rudimentary if you don't need something as complete as exctcal or pical)
- Settings per user. Each user can specify their timezone and other preferneces.
-there's more, this is just a brief overview.

Download at