Modules: free IRC Xoops-Module for RC3.03!

Posted by: S_O_Don 2002/7/1 4:48:09 4639 reads
Author: S_O_D from
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based on the free irc java applet from bocazas (well it's realy great).

this module have

-a main menu entry.
-a admin menu entry

in the admin menu entry you could change all possible parameters from the applet
the parameters are:
- the title from the chatsite
- the ircserver where this applet should connect
- the irc port (mostly 6667)
- the channel where the applet should join
- the languae from the applet
- selection if it should show the channellist after log on or not
- the option to allow dcc filetransfer with the applet or not
- the option to selcet if the applet should join the channel automaticaly or not

if the user is loged in the module trys to connect with this username to the irc server, if this username is in use it will ask for a new name.
if the user is not loged in the module will try to log on as guest if this name is in use it'll ask for a new one.

well this is the same module as for RC2 except the adminpanel have fit into RC3 - have fun