Modules: Customize the startup module per group!

Posted by: benCorpoon 2006/3/23 2:35:01 6697 reads
Typhon Solutions is proud to announce our first open-source module (and many more to come).

TS-MyStartup ( is a great tool for a site manager who wants to automatically redirect specific group of users to specific modules.

As an example you can configure your site to do this:
- Start the Content module for Anonymous users
- Start the News module for Registered users
- Start the Forum module for your forumadmins
- etc...

This module is live and functionnal for one of our customer (Xoops 2.2.x) and it requires that you "hack" the include/checklogin.php page (it's one line of code).

A french translation is also available.

Hope you'll like this module!
Benoit Duchaine