YAXS: Another XOOPS site made

Posted by: aph3xon 2006/3/22 18:50:00 5363 reads
Here it is, my XOOPS made site, it's name in english means "time waste" and doesn't try to get out of the extraordinary and it has what most sites do nowadays.

It is build on so called instable XOOPS 2.2.4 and thank God I haven't enountered problems so far.

The modules installed are WF-Downloads twice as i needed a clone of it, smartsection twice for the same reason, Herve's great Frozzen Buble and Newbbex, xcgall, mylinks twice as the original module was turned into a flash games module, the news module with Smdcom's hack addition for the xoops.org alike block and few other modules that just made my day on found them :)
*the download section contains my contribution to XOOPS which is a xoops-translated category for romanian xoopsers containing two cores and several other modules

The theme is the default theme modifyed and patched with a hack for blocks found also on xoops.org's forum.

Anyway HERE it is