YAXS: Sumter-Shaw AFB Virtual Biz Net Goes XOOPS

Posted by: TopKnoton 2006/3/19 5:05:16 5110 reads
The Sumter-Shaw Virtual Business Net is a website converted from straight html into a XOOPS site.

What: It's a website directory for the town I live in...Sumter, South Carolina and the biggest employer in the town is Shaw Air Force Base. We have over 200 businesses and organizations listed on the site and are working on articles about the local area.

XOOPS Version: 2.2.4
URL: http://www.OurCarolina.com

Modules Used:
1. SmartClient: This module works very good as a Partner Module. Hopefully our Partner list will grow in the future. I recommend this module
2. SmartSection: This module is being used for Articles about Sumter, SC. An easy to use module with plenty of great features. The best feature on the administration side of the house is the "Hit Count" feature. We will be able to easily track which article type is most popular and write more along the same lines.
3. Content: This module is being used as a Sumter Business Spotlight section...kind of like a press release for local businesses and/or organizations. The templates included with the editor make this an ideal module for our purposes.
4. Contact Us Module: This is a pretty straight forward Contact Us module. We really like the security code feature to limit unwanted form submissions.
5. Web Links Module: This is one of our favorite modules and works like a champ. The information it can provide is wonderful for our local Sumter businesses. The "Multi-Category feature also is great and the reason I chose Web Links instead of other links modules.
6. Tiny Content Module: We needed an "About US" section and Tiny Content really did a good job.
7. AM Events Module: This module was just added a few days ago. This will be a great feature for our little city. We especially like the way Events drop off or expire when the event is over. Pretty much a fire and forget module. What more can a city directory wish for. Clean simple and easy.
8. ZMagazine Module: Another very nice module with a great user interface and admin controls. We use this for articles about our local Air Force Base...Shaw AF Base. We are very much hoping to help the in-coming military people with first hand knowledge about our base.

Challenges developing the site: The biggest challenge using XOOPS 2.2.4 was encountering a few bugs that made making site design and structure changes necessary. We really wanted something that allowed for registered guests to add information and Articles about Sumter and Shaw. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to get the registration process to work at all. We also had some problems with SmartPartner and SmartClient. We have to go directly into the database to add a new Partner but we can edit a Partner that is already in the database right through the admin panel.

If you visit The Sumter-Shaw Virtual Business Net, let us know how you liked the site and if you encounter any problems with this 2 week old site.