Modules: xProject 0.50

Posted by: McNazon 2006/3/18 8:38:04 9365 reads
xProject 0.50 has been released.

xProject is an Open Source web platform aimed at software project management. At its heart, xProject employs tickets to track and assign tasks, defects and feature requests.

Visit the xProject homepage to view this module in action. Download your copy from the releases page.

Please submit all bug reports to the new ticket page.

How does xProject work?

xProject utilises tickets to track and monitor software development. Tickets are used to:

* Assign tasks, defect reports or feature requests by both the development team and the general public via the new ticket screen.

* Once a ticket is created it can be tracked, by project, on the tickets page.

* Development managers then assign these tickets to developers and choose a target milestone for completion. Once assigned to a milestone xProject automatically re-adjusts the roadmap progress status.

* The timeline view shows all project activities on a daily breakdown.

* Once a milestone is reached it is published as a release, to which files can be assigned. The release page generates a change log based on tickets attached to a milestone.

* Released files are secured and a detailed download log is provided.

Why use xProject.

* Encourages a transparent development model. End users can track the development process and participate by submitting defect reports and feature requests. Once submitted, they can track their progress.

* Provides a tool in which key milestones are set for a software application. Key targets and features can then be set via tickets. xProject then updates milestone progress based on ticket completion.

* Provides a detailed breakdown and filtering mechanism for viewing tickets. These can be viewed by milestone, component, completion status etc...