XOOPS: Announcing XOOPS V1 Release Candidate 3

Posted by: BoobtoobOn 2002/6/5 13:05:20 5111 reads
The wait is over! XOOPS RC3 is finally here with many enhancements to support your website building needs. The XOOPS team would like to thank everyone for the support and feedback from RC2 which provided invaluable information for this release and our move towards a 1.0 release.

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Just to get you up to speed, the XOOPS team opened up the testing to a greater number of testers (our beta team) this time to make this release as clean and useable as possible. We invited the official support sites and module developers to help test this release making it one of the most complete and hopefully bug free to date. With the help of our beta team, most translations and modules are ready for the RC3 release. Keep you eyes on the forums and news postings for module and other announcements. Just in case you haven't noticed, we're started putting up a FAQ for the RC3 release that will hopefully answer most high level questions and as more come in, we'll add them to the FAQ so please check here before firing off questions. If you can't find your answers here, please check the forums. Now, what's new? Not much on the outside but, we made significant enhancements to the core system which we think will make us leaner and meaner going into 2002. Below are some highlights of the changes: - Upgrade script for RC2 (Please read the FAQ before attempting this upgrade!!!) - Optimized the DB structure - Updated the admin system (major changes) - Added a new Polls module - Enhanced the forums (new sticky topic) - Added a new mailing list module - A completely new installation routine (no more editing of files!) - User avatar uploads - New module installer (now creates, prefixes tables and removes tables upon deletion) - Enhanced user menu system - And more...... That's about it. Good luck and please let us know about any bugs you find. Download from here! Thanks, XOOPS Team P.S. Here is a corrected install routine for the new guys! I think we missed this in the RC3 file. Unzip the RC3 package contents into the directory you want to use on you web server (local or remote), if you're unsure where that is, ask you system administrator. 1) Now, point your browser to:http://yourdomain.com/install.php 2) Follow the instructions displayed on the screen 3) That's it!... 4) You will also "need" to chmod 755 or 777 all "cache" folders under the "modules" directory, and chmod 666 all files included in each cache" folder. 5) After the installation, please delete the install.php and rc2_to_rc3.php files from your server.