Modules: inbetween-WYSIWYG-editor released!

Posted by: frankblackon 2005/12/29 19:22:22 11678 reads
I am proud to announce the release of the inbetween-WYSIWYG-editor.

This module is heavily based on the tinyeditor from ralf57 who gave me permission to release this inbetween-version. Why another clone of the tinyeditor? Simple! I urgently needed some features from the current TinyMCE 2.01-engine plus some addons so I wrote this "hack". The biggest change are the toolsets because I needed different toolsets for different groups.

This version will only be supported until tinyeditor 1.0 is released, because ralf57 is the better programmer. I hope you'll like "my" version.

What's new?
- WYSIWYG-engine TinyMCE 2.01
- Partly works for Opera 9 Preview
- imgmanager (ralf57), ibrowser and imanager permission-based
- Toolsets for every group
- some minor bugs fixed
- added some additional plugins

Some additional infos you'll find HERE