Hacks: How to Enable Koivi Wysiwyg Editor in XOOPS 2.2.2

Posted by: Rha7dotComOn 2005/9/26 6:54:20 12114 reads
Hi! This is a so much asked question. How to enable the Koivi Editor in Xoops 2.2.2, Well here is how to enable the Koivi Editor in custom block editing, you can get the idea from here to implement it in other places, good luck!

==== HACK ====================================
In /modules/system/blocks/system_blocks.php
around line 56, you will find the following line:

$form->addElement(new XoopsFormDhtmlTextArea(_MB_SYSTEM_CONTENT, 'options[0]', htmlspecialchars($ts->stripSlashesGPC($options[0]), ENT_QUOTES), 15, 60));

Change it to:

$theEditor = new XoopsFormWysiwygTextArea(array());


That's pretty much it.

Good Luck!

Gabriel Medina
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