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Posted by: Marcoon 2005/9/16 19:20:00 8586 reads
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Among various innovations of the new version of our website, we guess to propose you during October videoconferences related to Xoops software.

So that this exclusive news can be in adequacy with your waitings, we have prepared a survey which will enable us to discover your needs and waits on the matter, that it is on the contents, the day, schedules, duration, etc.

This dream has come into a reality with the courtesy of Frédéric Blanchet, CIO of Connexions247.com, who has allocated us a virtual conference room, that help us to offering you a level of service worthy of the largest companies.

How does it work ?
Web conference rooms allow the diffusion of presentations in real time... a presentation using at the same time sounds and images, it is possible to speak and to raise your questions in the form of text or by microphone...

What will be the process?
After your session's registration, we will send you a link to download a software that has to be installed on your computer (compatible Windows from version 98 second edition and following; a mac version will be available running 2006)
The day of the conference, at the hour envisaged, you will have to activate the conference software, and you will thus be able to visualize actions of the speaker on your screen, to hear him by activating your loudspeaker, and eventually to discuss and ask for more informations, either vocally if your computer is provided with a microphone, or in "Chat" mode.

Please give us your wishes, by clicking on that link. With results of this survey, we will make a synthesis of it to determine from them top subject priorities and will keep you informed about them.

See you soon @ Xoops France

Xoops French Speaking Community Team