News: Implementing PhpAdsNew into your Xoops site

Posted by: brashon 2005/9/12 9:00:00 14205 reads
Resized ImageIT Headquarters is proud to present a comprehensive guide to implementing PhpAdsNew into your Xoops site. PhpAdsNew is one of, if not THE most popular ad management server on the web today and is very deserving of being on your short-list. For a long time the question of how to get a more sophisticated ad management system into Xoops has been asked, and if you do a search for 'PhpAdsNew' in the forums you will get well over 100 results spanning back to 2002 (it's a question I've even asked myself). By writing this article I hope to help answer this question, and give people a resource that can have them up and going at a basic level in just a few minutes.

This guide is aimed toward those with some experience with both Xoops and PhpAdsNew, and covers the implementation of PhpAdsNew into Xoops at the theme, template and custom block level. With this guide you'll have all the building blocks you need to be able to start planning for any implementation of PhpAdsNew into Xoops, big or small. I hope you enjoy it, and that it is of some value to you.