YAXS: http://xoopsfactory.com - XSOTM - XOOPS-Site of the month- VOTING IS OPEN

Posted by: studioCon 2005/9/2 19:00:24 6668 reads
I'm happy to announce the first XSOTM - XOOPS-Site of the month - VOTING.

During month August we've collected your nominations for the XOOPS-Site of the month contest and NOW I've openend the voting FORM. A little earlier than expected, but things go well these days.

I can imagine that many people do not like to register on an page, but in this case of giving your vote, there is no other possibility to get a correct result, I think. So PLEASE take the time to REGISTER if you are not a member yet. I will not abuse your email-adresses nor give it away. Perhaps you can post your opinion and comment if it will be ok to only check IP of voting, what do you think?

Wanna have a look at the LIST OF NOMINATIONS?

PLEASE help to get a great result. Only one voting each member of course, so please take the time to visit the nominated sites and look deeper into it!

VOTING form for month August will be online until September 22nd so you can take a bit time to visit all sites (and there are great examples, I think!)