Modules: Wordbook v1.16

Posted by: mondarseon 2005/8/29 11:27:53 12609 reads
Wordbook v1.16 now available for download at

Change Log:
Fix: (by Alama) Grammatical and stylistic corrections to the English language interface to Wordbook 1.15 in main.php and modinfo.php
Fix: Anonymous users can now see sub menu items if appropriated permissions are set.
Fix: Fixed a bug in admin/entry.php. When an administrator modied an entry, became proprietary of entry and the combo box in which he could choose the author was ignored.
Fix: Missing data in results produced by search.php. Not only was the category missing, but the entryID number of the term in the link is missing, making the first entry in the table come up for all word's links clicked.
Modified: funtion getLinkedUnameFromId() in include/functions.php renamed to wb_getLinkedUnameFromId() to avoid possible duplicated function name error.
Add: submit.php page uses now templates and css formating as the other pages do.
Add: Submit option in main menu is shown only if user/anon-user is allowed to submit new words. (users and anonimous users privileges set in config section)